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A few tips for an office move

Office movingWhen you begin to plan your office move, do not make the mistake of thinking it is the same as a house move. There is usually a lot more to consider with an office move, such as the removal of expensive equipment, and you really do need to make sure that your moving company has the right experience and approach for your particular requirements.

Talk to your moving company about specialist packing crates or boxes for your office relocation, as when the professionals see what needs to be moved they will be able to advise you accordingly. Ask whether they will hire these requirements out to you, as you will probably not need them again for a long while after you have settled into your new office. Your moving company may be able to offer specialist containers for items such as photocopiers; however, check first if the equipment is leased – the leasing company may prefer to move it themselves. If this is the case, let them!

Time is usually a major factor in any office move because you really need to know what is happening and when in order to maximize efficiency. If a move takes longer than planned you could have a lot of downtime as a result, which means no sales for a while and no income. Can your company deal with this? If the answer is ‘no’, you need to make sure that there is a proper schedule in place and that all the time targets are met so that you can get things back up and running again as soon as possible.


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