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A few more tips for your military move

Military menWhen you are moving from one military home to another there are few factors that you need to take into consideration. Is your military spouse with you or have they been deployed to another part of the world? If you need to organize the move on your own, you may need to obtain power of attorney to allow you to act and make decisions without your spouse being present. Some military families have found that this has made life much easier when they have been moving to a new military home.

What happens if you are being moved to a military base overseas? Do you know whether you can take all your furniture with you? The chances are that you may have to rethink your furniture situation if you have to plan a military move to another country. The options here are for you to sell your furniture and make a little extra money to go towards your new military home or for you to put your possessions into storage facilities.

Some rethinking may be needed anyway, as there is often a limit placed on the amount of possessions you can move. This limit is based on weight and you need to be aware of this amount, as anything over will not be covered by the military funding and you will need to pay for the extra weight yourself. Some people recommend taking everything anyway, as it is very easy to get rid of things in a panic that you actually want to keep.


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