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4th of July fireworks canceled in Colorado towns

4th of July fireworks canceled in Colorado townsLiving in a place that tends to be dry can affect your 4th of July fun.  A few years ago Arizona, Utah and California all had to place restrictions on fireworks celebrations due to fire dangers.

California has suffered from several fires in the last two years, so it might not be a surprise that it will have several areas this year that will cancel the fireworks displays.  It is also not a surprise that at least ten Colorado towns will not have fireworks displays this year.  Colorado, with its six wildfires, has to be careful.  Boulder, Aspen, Breckenridge, Idaho Springs, Manitou Springs, Keystone, Ouray, Georgetown, Indian Hills and Steamboat Springs will all cancel their fireworks displays.  The fire in Colorado Springs is still raging, along with the one in Waldo, which is why many areas have canceled the fireworks.

If you are planning a move, 4th of July celebrations might be an important factor for you to examine as you research where to move to.  Sometimes we can pick where we go, such as a business owner or someone working from home.  If you have a company or job that can be relocated with you then you can choose where you live.  Checking out the 4th of July celebrations and the chances of canceling them might be important to you.  Also, some cities elect to have fireworks displays at midnight or 11.59pm on July 3rd to begin the next day’s festivals and parades, so this can be a factor too when you consider relocation.

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