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Certified Office Moving Experts

As one of the oldest moving companies in the nation, to say Bekins Moving Solutions is experienced in office moving is an understatement. We are an IOMI® Certified Office Mover® with a professionally trained staff of exceptional office movers. We have over 15 physical branches and more than 300 Bekins and Wheaton agents that can assist you in every aspect of your office relocation. No matter your industry or trade, Bekins Moving Solutions knows how to get your things where they are going. From hospitals, restaurants, corporate offices, laboratories, public buildings, universities, and more. You can count on our office movers to move you quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly.

We Make Office Moving Look Easy

If you have ever coordinated your own move, you know that it can be complicated and stressful, and it seems endless. Office moves take more strategy and planning than your traditional residential move. Bekins Moving Solutions assists our commercial clients with everything they need to make their office move stress-free, including…

  • Coordinating your office move from start to finish with a project manager experienced in office and commercial moving
  • Finding the right packing supplies, including custom crating services
  • We will prep your furniture and equipment to prevent damage during your move
  • Our office movers will disassemble your furniture and reassemble upon arrival
  • Lift-gate and air-ride vehicles ready to transport your items safely to your new location

When you are running your business, you have enough to think about. A good leader knows how to delegate. Let the office movers at Bekins Moving Solutions deal with the logistics of relocation so you can focus on other matters. With Bekins Moving Solutions on your team, you can go anywhere!

Easy Way to Move Your Office

Of course, while there are many ways you can move your office, by far the easiest is to hire a professional company like Bekins Moving Solutions. We have moved more offices than we can count, and can complete any office move efficiently in record time. Don’t put your company at risk by being responsible for employee injury or accident. The simplest and easiest method for achieving an office move is to call our office and get your free moving estimate.


We have classified material to move, how do you deal with secure files?

Of course we will always protect your classified information as much as we can. We believe it is our duty to keep your information and belongings secure. If you have any classified information that needs special attention, please speak with our moving coordinator.

How do you factor in last minute changes for office moves?

We understand that sometimes life isn’t always predictable, and it is normal during the course of a move if there are some minor changes or adjustments that need to be made. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in achieving a seamless office move, so please communicate with us as soon as you are notified of any changes. We will always do our best to accommodate you.

How do you protect our furniture during transport?

Our professional movers and drivers will carefully load all of your furniture into the truck for relocation. Each item is carefully evaluated beforehand, allowing us to select the right type of protection that may be required. Some furniture can easily be packaged and loaded onto the truck, while larger pieces may require blankets to prevent them from sliding about and damaging other goods nearby. In any case, our movers have been extensively trained to offer safety and security for all of your items during transit.

Should anything be damaged along the way, however, we do offer valuation coverage, which will cover the reimbursement of your items while they are in transit. This coverage is only good for when our company is handling the items. There are varying levels of coverage you can select depending on your needs. Our highest tier of coverage will reimburse any damaged item, no matter the cost.

How do you handle last-minute changes?

During the relocation process, we fully understand that last-minute changes are entirely possible. Even the most highly trained professionals cannot account for everything. On occasion, something will pop up and cause everyone to boil down into a panic. This is where the level of professionalism that we pride ourselves on comes in. When something happens at the last minute, we guarantee our consultants and movers will adapt to the situation and handle it with ease. Depending on the change and when it occurs, you will need to call our offices and speak with a trained moving consultant regarding the situation. If that is impossible, speak with one of our movers.

As a family-friendly moving company, we enjoy ensuring your entire relocation is as easy to swallow as possible. People constantly say that moving is the most stressful experience of a lifetime. Well, our goal is to make it a bit easier on you. There is no need for that stress with Bekins Moving Solutions.

If you would like more information regarding our office movers, Contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 251-8493 today for a free moving quote!