“The whole process went off without a hitch.”
Scottsdale, AZ
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Moving Resource Videos

Helpful Moving Videos

We’ve been doing this for quite some time, and have had the privilege to move thousands of families into their new homes. We’ve compiled some informational moving videos with the help of our moving experts to provide helpful information for you.

Watch our videos below for added insight into the my Bekins moving experience!

Visit the my Bekins YouTube page for even more helpful videos.

My Bekins, My Move:
A Client's Experience

Take a tour of the myBekins moving experience with clients Dennis and Katie Seabold.  See the expert my Bekins team in action as they help the Seabolds move to their new home.
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Packing a Wardrobe

Watch my Bekins moving expert Bob Lusk pack a wardrobe the right way: wrinkle-free clothes on hangers and a perfectly weighted box.
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Clear the Clutter Video

Clear the Clutter:
Bekins Home Staging Solution

Listen to realtor Sherry Yarber discuss the importance of staging your home when selling.  my Bekins clients, Dennis and Katie Seabold, discuss their experience of home staging.
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