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International Moving

my Bekins is dedicated to making your international move as simple as possible. The best ways we can help you are with free information, preparation help, and a “get organized” plan. You can get all those (and more) right here at my Bekins.

International Moving is Unique

Moving within the lower 48 is daunting enough, but moving overseas can be downright overwhelming. With our network of approved worldwide moving agents, my Bekins will manage for you what could otherwise be an uncontrollable process. You’ve got a lot on your mind already. Let us ease your anxiety about the moving process so you can focus on other things.

Why Use my Bekins to move internationally?

  • We have an in-house international forwarder and won’t broker your move to an unknown 3rd party.
  • We’ll use secured ocean containers for your ocean shipment with the best protection materials available.
  • We’re going to coordinate the global moving schedules for you with the ocean shipping lines and airlines through your single point of contact.
  • Our goal is to carry-out a schedule that meets your specific needs. It’s not rocket science… it’s more important than that… it’s your stuff.

Our Moving Process

  • Your professional packers will resourcefully pack all the small “box-able” items to minimize the risk of damage. Not to worry, we’ll bring all the needed materials. Your crew will take notice of your high value items and take extra-special care.
  • Once your items are packed, we’re going to load them tightly into the appropriate style of container (ie., steel container, wooden crates, air tri-wall, tractor/trailer).
  • Now (this is where it get’s fun), we can take your goods to the port for export Customs clearance and ocean vessel/airline assignment.
  • When your items arrive in your new home country, your goods will go though a Customs clearance process. Unfortunately, this is when taxes or duties will be determined if any.
  • Now we can have one of our approved network delivery agents make arrangements with you to delivery your stuff. If you want we can unpack too…. FYI, it’s probably already included in the price.

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