Residential Moving
“We have never encountered any problems with Bekins or their staff”
San Diego, CA
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Employee Relocation Services

Duty calls, occasionally that means a transfer to a new location. Be it because of a promotion, new career, or change of employer, my Bekins understands these are not always easy decisions. We're here to provide you all the tools to make this move the best it can be.

For Employees

If you’re working within a “lump sum” budget, our estimating tool will make it easier to allocate your funds appropriately and even allow you to book your move online. Or, if you’re working with one of our valued employer clients and have the Corp. Code, we can set up everything for you right here/right now and track the process directly from our site. Whatever your reason for the move, we will handle it with the care and understanding required by your unique and sometimes difficult situation. Let us do the heavy lifting.

For Employers

my Bekins has a long resume of working with some of the largest companies in the world as a part of their trusted relocation service provider network . We’ve been involved in mass moves and realignment processes time and time again. Our quality commitment doesn’t stop with the “big fish”, every single corporate account is important to us and we guarantee your transferees will get the special treatment they deserve.
We’ll work with you throughout the process to help with budgeting. If you’re moving several families, consider establishing a Corporate Agreement, you’ll get pre-established pricing and the ability to do all the tracking right here from our website. We’re flexible and want to work on your terms, my move. my way. my Bekins.

Why Use my Bekins?

  • First, we’re a real-live brick and mortar moving company.
  • We already work with many of the largest Fortune 500 companies.
  • You can schedule your on-site estimate right here, online. Easy as that!
  • You can even book your move online, if you wish.
  • Our trained professionals are drug screened and undergo rigorous background checks so that only trusted professionals are allowed into your home, resulting in a better, more secure service for you.
  • We’re approved movers for FBI, GSA, Dept. of Defense, and all Military branches.
  • We use the latest techniques and materials to minimize the risk of damaging your items.
  • Clean modern power equipment (fancy way of saying truck) is used to ensure your items arrive on time every time.