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“Bekins provided very satisfactory service in the fields of moving, storage and administration.”
Irvine, CA
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“We have never encountered any problems with Bekins or their staff”

Hello Bekins A-1,

I just had to write and tell you about the overall wonderful experience we had today with our move from Bethlehem, PA to Manhattan, NYC with the Bekins movers in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

From the very first contact with your company, I have been extremely and pleasantly surprised. My daughter needed to move to NYC very quickly (within 2 weeks). When I contacted your local agent for an estimate, we scheduled an appointment, but he called to move it up because he was concerned about getting her a slot on the date she needed. He came to the apartment and gave us a great price, and gave us a few days to compare to other companies. He then followed up with a phone call, again because he was concerned about the short timeframe. We ultimately decided to go with Bekins because of the name-recognition, and attention to detail.

I was still concerned, however, because I have heard HORROR stories about moving companies and their practices. Because I decided to increase our valuation of her belongings, the contract needed to be changed. After a phone call to your agent, we got the revised contract within a day, ready for our signature. I faxed it back and prayed everything would go smoothly. She got the promised phone call to confirm the pick-up date and time, and again, I prayed.

The movers showed up exactly as promised, with the truck they promised (marked with the Bekins logo), and with her as the only delivery on the truck, again as promised. She told me they were not only polite and professional, but funny and wonderful. They emptied out her 2 story one bedroom apartment in 2 hours. When she signed the inventory and they drove off with all of her belongings…guess what. Again, I prayed we would see them in NYC the next morning as promised.

They got to her new apartment in NYC EXACTLY when they said they would. 9:00 a.m. and got a spot right in front. It was hot and humid, and she moved in to a 4th floor walk-up. I offered to get them breakfast, but they said they were fine, and even declined water for most of the move. These guys carried everything up 3 flights of stairs, never complained and asked us where we wanted everything placed. They were so helpful, and absolutely unbelievable. I really cannot say enough about them. They were a joy to work with—totally NOT what I expected. And to top things off…not ONE SINGLE GLASS OR PLATE was damaged in this move—NOTHING. They were absolute professionals. And again, they got her moved in within about 2-1/2 hours.

I cannot say enough about this agent, and will be posting reviews everywhere I can about how wonderful they are. The three guys that moved my daughter deserve a bonus or something for OUTSTANDING service, and Bekins rates and A+++. I will recommend your company to everyone I know that needs a mover.

Thank you so much for making a very stressful time into what turned out to be a completely stress free move. I wish I had known ahead of time!!!!!

Donna Steinmetz & daughter, Vanessa, PA