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How to Prepare - Relocation Checklist

my Bekins has a dedicated team of office relocation specialists who know the ins and outs of getting any facility moved. While we handle the majority of the process so you can concentrate on business, here are a few things you may want to consider.

Preparation Tips:

  • Determine a time frame and budget for your move and begin scheduling all important dates and deadlines.
  • Coordinate move with the landlord and meet with my Bekins to discuss the specifics of the move.
  • Create a communication plan with everyone who will be involved with the moving process including all employees, suppliers, and movers.
  • Send an email to all department heads to request a list of all employees who will be moving to the new location along with any special instructions.
  • Call a meeting of all department representatives to review the progress of the move and make sure that everyone involved is on the same page.
  • Set up any new telephone numbers or address changes and order new business cards, stationary, and marketing pieces that will need to be updated with the new information.
  • Create a complete inventory of all furniture and assets used by employees that will need to be moved to the new location.
  • Clean out and recycle any unnecessary papers and materials. Consider donating any furniture, fixtures, and equipment that is no longer needed. You can find reputable tax deductable charities by visiting the IRS website.
  • Contact service providers and inform them of the move to set up any necessary connection, installation, or disconnection of service. Such as electricity, gas, phone, or waste management.
  • Verify truck access for both loading at your current facility and unloading at your new office. Notify all surrounding businesses if entrances, driveways, or parking may be obstructed at any time during the move.
  • We can assist you in making a set of office moving instructions to distribute to any and all employees who will be involved with the move.
  • Arrange with the building management for your facility for exclusive use of any elevators, service elevators, loading docks, or emergency doors that may be used during the scheduled office moving times.
  • Contact all departments to review modular office furniture layouts for your new facility to expedite the unloading and setup process.
  • Assign a numbering system along with color coded labels, and distribute necessary materials and instructions to your team.
  • Schedule for “Bekins Green Crate” delivery for use during your move.
  • Enlarge copies of floor plans, cut and hang a copy in easily visible locations in each room to use as guides for furniture arrangement.
  • If needed, arrange for professional security to guard any sensitive items, or to monitor street level activities.
  • Make a complete list of all office employees involved with the office move along with their cell phone numbers for immediate contact.
  • Label all office furniture, fixtures, and equipment with proper color coded labels and numbers.
  • Install relocation direction signs and arrows in the new office space.
  • List out all authorized personnel that will be allowed in the space during both move out and move in.
  • Notify any customers or clients of the relocation as well as distribute updated information to help keep any downtime or business loss to a minimum.